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20. Dezember 2018
6 Monate Growth Rockets – Das hat sich seit der Gründung getan 2
Vorstellung Bot Rocky als viertes Teammitglied
21. Dezember 2018
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6 Months Growth Rockets — This has happened since its inception

6 Monate Growth Rockets – Das hat sich seit der Gründung getan 3
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Lass dir diesen Post von Polly vorlesen!

Since the founding of Growth Rockets on June 21, 2018, a lot has happened — from first successful projects, to exciting trade fair visits to trainees who, thanks to the Erasmus + project of the EU, were able to gain insight into our agile agency everyday life.

The fact that a good network is everything has been demonstrated in the days and weeks after our founding. As a result, we were able to build on existing business relationships and quickly attract regional customers from Weißenburg i.Bay., such as FAT Sestak, capo's Pizza, LVM Versicherung Stoll or Aluminum Technik Weißenburg GmbH.

At Growth Rockets, LOCAL SUPPORT is capitalized! : -)

But there were also exciting projects at our second headquarters in Munich, e.g. with the start-up storytile, the Big Player Google Future Workshop or the Hidden Champion Teradata.

In addition to successful partnerships, we were always looking for new impulses for us and our customers. So we attended the congress DISRUPTION 2018 — Enabling The Digital Revolution of the Zeit Verlag Group with top-class lectures at Sofitel Munich.

Duygu and Carsten were also on the hunt for new marketing tools and exciting topics related to digitalization at the 32nd Media Days in Munich. And it was also tested:

Here you can see in our Growth Blog how Carsten tries out the latest technology around augmented and virtual realitiy!

In November we welcomed our industrious interns Ana, Paula, Alen and Kristijan as part of the Erasmus + project of the European Union.

Here you can find the complete article about the program.

We wouldn't be the Growth Rockets if we didn't grow in the shortest possible time. Towards the end of the year, it was already so far, in two respects:

With Matthias Brickel we announced our CFO and COO as a new member of the Growth Rockets on 13.12.2018. Learn more about Matthias aka Mr. International here!

We have also published more vacancies to strengthen our team. Become part of our team!

And the first international projects are already being planned... #staytuned

That was six months full of exciting cases, lots of experiences and a rocket launch that more than just lives up to our name!

Thank you very much! — At this point we would like to thank all our customers, partners and supporters!

We wish you and your colleagues Merry Christmas and also a rocketing start into a successful year 2019!

Your Growth Rockets!